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Our History
Late Dr. K.K.Kartha (VAIDYAKALANIDHI) was popularly known as “Thampan Vaidyan”. Vaidyan is the Malayalam word for Ayurvedic physician. Thampan was the sir name given by the locals.
Hailing from a very orthodox Hindu family, his forefathers were both provincial rulers as well as great healers. The historical roots take them back to MEVAD, a place in Rajasthan. It is recorded that the members of that royal family had to run away from their birth place due to some family disputes & inter family quarrels. They chose to travel down to south via Madurai (Tamil nadu). Finally they settled in Meenachil taluk, in Kottayam district, Kerala. Kartha was again a Sir name granted by the then Ruler of Travancore. Thus the original Sir name of Singh initially got transformed to Simhar (a lingual change to Malayalam) & finally to the Kartha which was Granted by the then Ruler of Travancore.
Thampan vaidyan got educated in the discipline of Ayurveda procuring the degree of AYURVEDA SHIROMANI (a qualification prevailed at that period in Kerala). Later he started his practice in a modest way from his home only. Braving all the difficulties of labor, travel & all, he slowly but steadily established himself as a professional in the field. His wife late. Smt. Kamalaksi Amma was always behind all his achievements as his inspiration. From a home made treatment system, he transformed to a legend, people traveling long distances to get treated by him. He established the MEVIDA MEDICAL CENTER, a complete Ayurvedic center with all the facilities from full-fledged production to in house treatment facility. Attached to it a small modern medicine center also functions. The center was established in 1928.
Ayurveda, a valuable & precious gift from nature to human beings. Ayurveda is a method of treatment using the extracts from nature. It is an ancient method of treatment. Ayurveda keeps the body and soul of human beings always refresh. Different from other method of treatments & medicines, Ayurvedic treatments and medicines are free from all type of chemicals & harmful ingredients. Read more
Our Aim
With its profound awareness of the human body’s constitution and the changes it undergoes in response to the enviornment, We offer total treatment to each and everyone. When the human body defies the dictates of the Shastras, the mind body rhythm is lost. The correct way to treat is to restore the rhythm and balance of the whole system. The science of Ayurveda is used at its authentic best for the welfare of humanity here at Mevada Thampan’s Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Centre.

Back ache, Obesity pain in the legs, Hand and Neck Gouty Arthritis, Arthritis, Paralytic Stroke, Skin Problems, Memory failure, Sleeplessness and all other diseases are offered treatment by us along with Panchakarma and all other modes of treatment unique to Kerala. Read more
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